If you listened to Council's 28 Floors meeting on Tuesday, July 14, it was an odd, but telling meeting.  Cllr. Kirby-Yung attempted to excuse herself from voting due to her absence on Friday, but the Mayor and others insisted that the meeting be postponed to 9:30 am on July 21, so that Cllr. Kirby-Yung could vote.  Why?  Perhaps the vote to rezone 28 Floors wasn't a slam dunk.  Regardless, you can be sure that the Mayor and City Manager are using this opportunity to "persuade" wavering Councillors to support the rezoning, and avoid an embarrassing loss.    
Help us keep up the pressure by writing to the Mayor & Council!  If you've written, send the letter again!  We need to remind the Mayor and Council about the lack of schools, the impact of shadowing on nearby parks and neighbourhoods, the liberties taken by Staff during the application process, the precedent this will create for the Broadway Plan, and the $4.7 million in corporate "charity" this developer will receive (just after our tax increase).  All of this for 58 barely affordable cubbyholes!  

You can resend a letter that you've sent before or draft a new one that is as simple as "I live in Vancouver and I oppose the 28-storey rezoning proposed for 2538 Birch Street."  The following provides information for sending your comments to Council, watching the meeting live, and accessing Council's agenda.  

  • Write Mayor & Council:  Submit your written comments via email:   

    • Copy and paste the email addresses below to the "To" field of a new email. 

    • Use the Subject:  "I Oppose Rezoning 2538 Birch Street"

    • Type your comments in the body or attach your letter to the email.

    • Remember to be factual, respectful and firm.  Sign with your full name and City of residence.;;;;;;;;;;

  • Watch the Meeting:  You can tune into a live stream of the meetings through the City’s website (click here).  

  • Council Agenda:  The meeting agendas for July 9, 14 & 21, 2020 can be found on the City’s website (click here). 

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